Saturday, July 21, 2007

Digital Storybooks

As I was working on my digital story bookin class I thought (once again) about what a great instructional tool this will be for my students. It's a great visualization excercise. My students struggle with that aspect of comprehension; digital story books will be a great way to motivate them to develop that skill. I also think it will be a motivating way to have them practice repeated reading and fluency. I'm sure they'll record their stories or poems more than once before they're satisfied enough to edit the recording into their iMovie.
I was also thinking about what a change I'm in for when I go back to school in September. I have loved all the things we've done this semester, but I do believe incorporating all of this into my teaching is going to require a conscious effort to change my ways of thinking and work habits. I am definately looking forward to it though.

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Celine said...

I think you are right, what we have learned so far in this class will probably help your students a lot. I am not a special ed teacher but I did have several special ed students and I know they seemed to benefit even more than the other kids from hands on experiences and repeated practice. I think we will all have to adjust our thinking/ and methods to incorporate everything we are doing, you are not alone there!