Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Writing without writing.

This article discussed several concerns that i have about blogging with my students and a couple that I hadn't thought of. First, I assumed that the internet usage slip parents sign at the start of the school year would be sufficient, but after reading the article I'm wondering if there other confidential issues I haven't considered. Even if I set up my blog so that only my students can read them I suppose I may need some additional consent form signed. I also never gave any thought to how much time it would take to load each students' information onto the blog. I could have each of them set up their own blog as I walk them through it, but they type so slow. I don't know if that's true of all middle schoolers, or just my special needs students. I like the suggestion of students using a word processor to write their journals and then pasting it to the blog. I wonder if that will work using the alpha smarts, I think it would. I definately have alot of planning to do before I start setting up my blog.

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